The 1st ChatGPT4PCG Competition

Character-like Level Generation for Science Birds

Submission Guideline

Before submitting, please ensure that your prompt follows our guidelines by checking the Rules and Prompt pages. It is particularly important that the function used in your prompt is defined in the same way as our rules. If not, your results may be unexpected.

The prompt file should only contain the prompt, and should be named after your team using this convention <TEAM_NAME>.txt. For example, team1.txt. The example of content in this file is as follows:

Use `ab_drop()` function to generate a stable structure that looks like the <OBJECT>—the goal. Dropping position and order are crucial.

1. Definitions
Slots: The map's width is equally partitioned into W slots where W = 20, with slots 0 and 19 being the most left and right, respectively.
Layers: The map's height is equally partitioned into H layers where H = 16, with layers 0 and 15 being the bottom and top layers, respectively.
Base: The bottom of the map, i.e., layer 0.

2. Environment
There are three block types as follows:
b11, a square block whose width is 1 unit and height is 1 unit
b31, a horizontal block whose width is 3 units and height is 1 unit
b13, a vertical block whose width is 1 unit and height is 3 units

3. Tool
Use the `ab_drop()` function to vertically drop a block from layer H such that its center is at slot y and drop earlier blocks representing more bottom parts of the structure.

If you have any questions, please contact us at this email address.

Submission deadline

Midterm: 19 May 2023 (23:59 JST)

Final: 29 July 2023 21 July 2023 (23:59 JST)

If OpenAI releases an update to free-version web-based ChatGPT one week before the deadline (either for the midterm or final), we will extend the deadline by one week to give participants enough time to adjust their prompts. We will notify all participants who have submitted their work by email if this occurs. We will also make an announcement on our website.

Midterm submission is optional, although we recommend it. Any team that submits during the mid-term submission will be notified of the preliminary results. However, all teams, whether they submit during the midterm or not, must submit during the final submission period. Only submissions during the final submission period will be considered for the final ranking.

Submission Rules

  1. If a team submits multiple entries during a stage, midterm or final, we will consider the most recent submission as that team's final submission.
  2. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered for the evaluation process.
  3. By submitting, you accept all rules and agree that all submitted prompts will be made public.

Result Announcement

All participating teams will receive email notifications of their results using the email addresses provided in the submission email. The winner will also be announced on our website.